About the Graduate Student Conference

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Anthropology Graduate Student Conference is hosted annually by the Department of Anthropology and organized by the first year graduate student cohort. The organizers aim to attract interest and submissions from a wide variety of research fields and disciplines within and outside of anthropology. Previous conference themes have aimed to critically engage with theoretical and methodological issues faced by young scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

This year's theme, Culture and Change: Towards a Dynamic Anthropology, recognizes the fluidy of culture. Anthropology has a theoretical heritage of static cultural systems from the 1960's and 1970's, but these notions are changing. Recent global events, such as the uprising in Egypt and the Occupy Movement, have pushed these notions of social dynamism past academic circles to the forefront of public consciousness. How do global forces combine with local dynamics to shape the futures of communities around the world? Scholars from the traditional fields of anthropology, as well as geography, political science, law, and other disciplines are engaging with this question in new ways.

The conference committee is inviting a wide variety of submissions in the form of papers, posters and visual arts displays. Art and posters will be on display in the Anthropology and Sociology Building during the conference. Abstracts and posters will be archived on the website after the conference is over. For more information on submissions see our call for papers. Feel free to email the committee with questions about the area, the theme, panel ideas and any other questions. (anthconfubc@gmail.com)

The conference is located on the Point Grey campus of UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Located on the scenic Northwest Coast of North America, the Anthropology and Sociology Building overlooks the Burrard Inlet and Northshore mountains. In addition, the UBC Museum of Anthropology (MOA) is located just a short walk from the anthropology department. MOA has built a reputation of being on the cutting edge of critical museology and is listed as an attraction in "Places to See Before You Die." See the location page for more information on Vancouver and local attractions.